Friday, April 17, 2009

Mobile phone on your fingers

Why would anyone want to use their hands for chatting, literally? If you're wondering what this question refers to, just take a look at this latest mobile phone design, one of the winners at this year’s iF Concept Product Awards, and it might amuse you as much as it did me.

This concept product, called the ‘Finger Touching’ mobile, is apparently a wearable mobile device for enhanced chatting. Which means, you slip the device on to your hand and it projects a 3x4 cellphone keypad on to your palm as seen in the picture above. The buttons are placed on the finger joints, so all I can imagine is rap-tapping my fingers whenever I want to type out a text message. The keypad concept seems pretty inconvenient and does not consider the significant learning curve involved for users to shift to tapping messages on their palms for lack of the conventional keypad. Though the device itself looks sleek, several important questions remain unanswered. And if you're wondering, like I am, why the concept device has the Samsung brand name on it, all we can do is wait and watch until (or if) the concept does find its way into an actual product. In the meantime, I definitely have more useful tasks for my palm.

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