Friday, April 17, 2009

AA-powered emergency cell phone charger

Okay, so it looks like a pepper spray gone (or trying to be) funkadelic, but you''ll be thankful for this little baby when it jumpstarts your cell phone on one of those road-warrior days when you''re not near a power outlet long enough to recharge it properly. The functionally-named Emergency Phone Charger just needs one AA battery and it can boost a phone to run for up to an additional two hours. And since it''s only a bit larger than the AA battery it contains, it''s small enough to be popped into a handbag without adding much weight or bulk.

The Emergency Phone comes with 4 adaptors so it can work with just about any cell phone. The only downside I can see for now is that it''s available in only one colour --- the shriekingly obvious turquoise pictured here. But hey, at least that''ll make it easy to spot when you need to grab it from your bag.

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